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Amazon Advertising is challenging and constantly evolving. But when done correctly, it can deliver high impact results. The problem is that you lack time to manage all of those challenges and changes.

Why Choose Fluidrank?

Our Amazon PPC experts help vendors identify their target audiences, the best areas places to place their products, and effectively distribute marketing budget. Resulting in increased sales and a lower ACoS! We use bespoke software to help optimize campaigns more efficiently and deliver great results.

Competition to rank well has increased. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to have a strong strategy for Amazon advertising.

Our management service is tailored to your needs. When you sign up, you will be assigned the best suited Amazon ads specialist. We believe in regular contact and transparency. You will receive monthly reports that include task lists for the month ahead.

We’re passionate about Amazon marketing, and improving your results matters to us! Please book a consultation to find out how we can help.

How we work

When you choose FluidRank as your Amazon marketing agency, you’ll receive the benefit of our experience and expertise. We know Amazon Sponsored Ads inside and out. We’ll put all of that skill to work straight away for you.

Step 1: We begin with an account audit. This provides insight into your existing campaigns and identifies areas for optimization. The audit feeds into the strategy.

Step 2: We develop a strategy with apparent goals. As part of this, we work with you to identify your ideal shoppers and target audiences. The tailored strategy takes into your account your budget, product criteria, and identifies optimum placements.

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How do we get these great results?

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The Strategy

We work with you to produce a strategy report for your Amazon Seller Central or Vendor account to increase cut out the wasted budget, exposure, and drive more sales.

Initial Testing

We build automatic targeting campaigns to act as discovery campaigns; these highlight the search terms that convert best and give you the best exposure.

Focused Implementation

We then build manual campaigns using keyword research and the existing data from the automatic campaigns.

Weekly Optimization

Each week we look in-depth at how the account is performing. We plan and then optimize to increase sales and reduce spend.

Monthly reporting

We provide bespoke monthly reports to give maximum transparency on performance and tasks. We discuss this with you.

Time to scale

After campaigns are in place and begin to perform at a stable and profitable level, we would scale to generate even more sales. This is achieved by increasing campaign budgets, trialing bespoke seasonal campaigns, experimenting with Headline Search Ads, building campaigns to promote slow-moving products, and more.

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Stop Wasting Time and Money on Unprofitable Amazon Ads

Amazon Advertising is challenging and constantly evolving. But when done correctly, it can deliver high impact results. The problem is that you lack time to manage all of those challenges and changes.

FluidRank has worked with hundreds of sellers to alleviate their Amazon advertising pain points, including:


  • Lack of Time to Spend on Advertising
  • Limited Budgets
  • Lack of PPC Experience/Expertise
  • Inability to Find Profitable Keywords
  • Rising ACoS
  • Competitors Overtaking Top Placements
  • Merely Average Traffic and Sales

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Ready to get serious with your Amazon PPC?

Where your team stops, ours starts. With former Amazonians and industry experts in your corner, you gain the capability and control you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s the first access to new programs or early preparation for major platform shifts, you never miss a beat when your business is run from Amazon’s backyard. With our fingers on the pulse, your success is no longer a guessing game.

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