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An Introduction Guide to Backlinks | SEO Company in Atlanta

An Introduction Guide to Backlinks | SEO Company in AtlantaWhether you’ve been doing SEO for quite a while now or you’re fairly new to it, there’s one term that you might be familiar with: backlinks.

Also known as “incoming” or “inbound” links, backlinks are a relevancy-building tool that has been used by millions of businesses and SEO practitioners to make their websites easier to find.

To the untrained eye, a backlink looks like a simple link on a website that will take them to another. But in reality, it’s actually another advantage in disguise that can help businesses reach their online goals much faster.

Why should you use backlinks?

Of all the SEO tools, approaches, and strategies that you can employ to build a website and ensure that it hits its targets perfectly, nothing is more effective than backlinks. Just like vouching for another person, backlinks work as a simple vote of confidence or reference point as to why a search engine should rank a certain website over anything else.

Think of it as an endorsement letter, but with far fewer characters and words. Simply put, backlinks are signals that search engines use to gauge how high they should put your website on the search results for your related terms, especially when it comes to SERPs.

By accumulating multiple backlinks over time, you’ll be able to give search engines reasons to turn up the search visibility of your website and put it at a higher position on its related search results. The use of backlinks alone can have a monumental effect on the SEO ranking of your website, due to the fact that it’s one of the main metrics search engines use when displaying results for any type of search.

When creating backlinks for your website, however, it’s important to note that only natural methods of acquiring them will be accepted by search engines and rewarded accordingly. If a search engine figures out that your backlinks are being built through spam or illegal reasons (a process is also known as Black Hat SEO), your website will be penalized accordingly.

The concept of backlink building follows the idea of “quality over quantity.” After all, it’s much better to have 100 good backlinks that have a solid number of followers each than 1000 spammy backlinks.

What’s the best way to earn backlinks?

Through the process of link earning or link building, your backlinks and off-site SEO efforts will be rewarded accordingly in the long run. The process of link building is usually carried out through publication articles (also known as PR articles), paid requests, or features on websites.

Those all end up with the desired outcome: having other websites link to your page. Of all the kinds of backlinks, you can possibly get, the best ones to build on are ones from popular, trustworthy, and authoritative websites with a large following and search volume. Being mentioned on such a page can give your brand a boost by instructing search engines to prioritize your website over everything else in the search results it can find you in.

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