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Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Search Engines!

FluidRank’s SEO Consultants have many talents up our sleeve – from intently listening to our customers, designing mind-boggling websites and hosting them, and improving our clients’ ROI through our wicked marketing systems. Something we don’t talk about very often is that we are a leading SEO company.

SEO Consultants can turn a stagnant business into a thriving entity if done right. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the golden ticket that every company is hoping to attain. FluidRank is a master at the statement: “Use all the right words in the right way and Google will reward you by moving your company to the top of the search results.”


Superior Search Engine Optimization firms don’t have a ready-made formula for achieving results since every client, brand, website, and business is different. So more than anything, a Search Engine Optimization company needs to be made up of people who are experts at solving issues and overcoming challenges in order to achieve success and at FluidRank, we definitely thrive in a challenge.


The first step is to evaluate the business in question – performing research, auditing their site, and analyzing the results to see where improvements can be made.


As a SEO Consultants, FluidRank researches the following:



Identify and research keywords to find the ones that will bring your business more customers and increase your ROI.


Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools


Both of these research tools reveal immediate opportunities for improvement by highlighting potential issues with your website.


Link Profile Analysis


Days of thousands of inbound links are over. Google’s new algorithm penalizes companies for this practice. More than likely cleaning up “spammy” links will probably be the first step for us in updating your company’s website.

Site Audit


A site audit frequently includes gauging certain SEO factors like website and page load speed, title tags, meta description tags, URL structure, internal linking, and most importantly content. Your content should be structured in a way that speaks to your audience but more importantly makes them convert. Our powerhouse team is helpful in assessing user experience, design, and branding messages.


After all research is complete, it will be decided if any of the following are necessary:


And this is just the beginning! So for a company to call itself an SEO company it really has to love the step-by-step process of dissecting everything, evaluating every detail then put it all back together to create a website that screams. Now your website will be better than ever and help achieve your dream of having a successful company. It is in this arena where FluidRank shines!

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