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Since 2013, FluidRank has been a top-rated, full-service BigCommerce agency and elite BigCommerce partner. FluidRank helps eCommerce merchants elevate the performance and functionality of their online presence, providing services such as BigCommerce web design, BigCommerce development, BigCommerce migration services, and a multitude of other digital marketing services. Our BigCommerce experts have been considered the authority on extended BigCommerce support services and enterprise-level advanced customization. We approach every project with a unique lens, accounting for the client’s industry, target audience, and distinct challenges. Our BigCommerce specialists serve as consultants to uncover opportunities and merge them with our expertise to deliver custom solutions that address client pain points and create spectacular user experiences.

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You’d hire a professional contractor to build your brick-and-mortar storefront. Why should an online storefront be any different? FluidRank is a Preferred BigCommerce partner available to bring our unique expertise to any BigCommerce project. Just take a look at our reviews and case studies from other BigCommerce clients. We are a reliable partner that has helped hundreds of BigCommerce merchants improve their store, or launch it the right way. When you have a serious eCommerce business that depends on an agency that has the expert skills to help you succeed, there should be no other option than hiring a reputable BigCommerce partner like FluidRank.

We have a close working relationship with the folks at BigCommerce. That means that you have the inside track on what is coming down the pike with your platform. You will be able to future-proof your site and make updates and upgrades before your store falls behind the competition. We have been the go-to BigCommerce partner agency since 2013 and we are now working with top enterprise clients with experience in all facets of BigCommerce development and partner services.

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Custom Design / SEO

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Custom Design / Magento 2 Development

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Custom Design / Shopify / PPC

Fox Racing

Custom Design / Development / SEO

BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce SEO combines the art of content creation and branding with the science of technical and site structure optimization. The platform itself is well-designed to accommodate an SEO campaign, with a site-structure that is easy to adjust, URLs that can be customized and metadata that anyone can access and optimize. However, a Bigcommerce SEO Expert can optimize your site in ways that require insight and expertise.
A BigCommerce SEO project with FluidRank won’t just optimize your structure and data. We scrub your site for toxic and broken links, scan for and remove duplicate content, and keyword-optimize your metadata, URLs, headers, and more. We add fresh, optimized content to your category and product pages along the way to boost organic traffic. Our custom-tailored SEO projects even develop an in-depth linking strategy for your eCommerce business, creating a network of internal links and backlinking authority.
FluidRank is a BigCommerce company that does it all. If you are looking for a BigCommerce partner that can design and develop a brand new, next-level eCommerce website for you and generate new customers with SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing services, we have your ticket.

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BigCommerce FAQs:

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Should I hire someone to build a BigCommerce site for me?

If you want a website that stands out from all the cookie-cutter templates on the web while also giving your users and elevated shopping experience, then, yes, you should hire someone to build your BigCommerce site. A custom designed and custom developed website speaks volumes when trying to build an eCommerce brand. By hiring an agency to design and develop your BigCommerce website, you’ll have a team that looks at and implements all the aspects an eCommerce store needs to have such as a fully responsive design, great user interface and experience, site speed and more.

What kind of custom development can FluidRank offer me?

If you’re considering a custom developed website, then you have a customer-centered mind. Any template on the BigCommerce platform can take users from your home page through the product pages to checkout. However, these templates might not offer users the best shopping experience that a custom developed website could. With a certified BigCommerce developer building your site, you can get a website with SEO built into the framework all while creating a website that takes your users through your website to the checkout page quickly and easily for a higher conversion rate.

What is the process of working with FluidRank?

When you partner with FluidRank, you’re partnering with a team that wants to see you succeed. We are here to offer you best practice digital solutions so that you can focus on making sales and growing your business while we focus on all the work that goes behind it. When you partner with us, you not only get 24/7 access to your own workspace in our CRM, but you also get access to a team that is always there even after your project has been completed.

Why should I partner with FluidRank?

At FluidRank, we don’t just design, develop, and market eCommerce websites. We push the boundaries of each platform so that each and every merchant that partners with us has an online store they can be proud of. Our BigCommerce designers push the envelope of design to draw people in while our BigCommerce developers enhance the usability of your site, and our digital marketers, writers, and technical SEOs optimize your website for speed, quality content, broken links, site structure and more.

Can FluidRank perform digital marketing for my BigCommerce store?

As an eCommerce digital marketing agency, we not only pride ourselves on our excellent design and development work but also our SEO. SEO is the cornerstone of any website, especially an eCommerce website. Our digital marketing team consists of skilled, creative writers, technical SEO gurus, and analytics analyzers that will look at every aspect of your website to ensure you are utilizing SEO for maximum gain. Along with optimizing your website on the back-end, we also optimize for speed and create informative and relevant content that targets the right keywords to boost your search engine rankings and keeps your website visible.

What can FluidRank do for my BigCommerce store?

FluidRank is a BigCommerce Partner that’s been certified and preferred since 2018. We’ve worked with BigCommerce since our inception and, thus, we not only know the ins and outs of the platform, but we have an excellent working relationship with the team at BigCommerce so that we can offer our customers the proper support they need. Whether you have an online store you want to migrate to BigCommerce or are simply starting from scratch, our certified SEO experts and design and development teams can help transform your website to become an authority in your industry.

Can BigCommerce help with my SEO?

BigCommerce offers some SEO tools, but working with a Preferred BigCommerce agency can really help you hone in on specific keywords you should be targeting to give you a clearer path to success. Having a team of digital marketing and SEO experts can guide you to the process that fit your business and give you content that follows SEO best practices so that you can start to generate rankings on search engines and see an increase in organic metrics.

What can I expect from a custom BigCommerce design with FluidRank?

Having your website custom designed by a certified BigCommerce designer provides many benefits. Aside from having a uniquely-designed site in which every aspect from color and font to images and content are tied in with your brand, you’ll also get a website design that is customer-centered and keeps user experience in mind. Whether this is how a session flows from page to page, the breadcrumbs, or the checkout page, each piece of your website will be well-thought out with site speed, responsive design, branding, and user experience incorporated throughout.

What kind of support should I expect from BigCommerce?

Like many eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce has a support team that helps its customers with any needs that might arise. However, support only goes to a certain point. If you need custom coding built into your site to aid in functionality and design, then you may not get the help you need from the BigCommerce support team. What they will do, however, is refer you to one of their Elite Partners to help you with the design, development, and marketing of your eCommerce store.