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Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce

Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce

SEO for eCommerce is probably one of the most challenging tasks in the SEO world. Your niche has 10 spots on the first page of Google, and everyone is competing for them.  Working harder, smarter, and staying at the forefront of everything we do is one of the best ways to secure your position. FluidRank is the eCommerce SEO agency that can will you get there. Our SEO strategies have helped brands just like yours grow organic ranking, traffic, and conversions. We have highly skilled talent in our eCommerce SEO agency that focuses on eCommerce brands

The Art of Writing for SEO

At FluidRank, we know the power of optimized content. Our experienced SEO content writers understand the nuances of organic search traffic and have an effing passion for SEO writing, whether you need quality articles, product descriptions, or other services.

With vetted SEO writers in 20+ major industries and an in-house team of content pros, we’re here to help you create high-quality posts and pages you need to:


  • Earn valuable backlinks
  • Lift search rankings
  • Raise organic search traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Lower customer acquisition costs

eCommerce SEO Activities

At FluidRank, we include essential SEO activities and services into every custom SEO campaign we plan for our clients. We customize the campaign depending on the metrics we uncover during our discovery phase. We’ll put together different search engine activities based on what we learn and help you achieve the best rankings. We work with all the top eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento, and more. Since we started as a company, we’ve been navigating around the eCommerce space, and our SEO experts have been working within eCommerce for the last 4 years.

Why choose us for your SEO Services?

We’re one of the top eCommerce SEO Agencies

We’ve built an Award-winning eCommerce SEO process to help our clients achieve outstanding results over the course of a successfully implemented campaign. In a nutshell, here is how we deliver eCommerce SEO services.

Comprehensive Audits

Meet our 30-point SEO audit service, which includes an intensive technical SEO audit. This is a FREE audit that we provide to all potential SEO clients.

True Passion

eCommerce SEO campaigns excite us. We know how to take the advantages and strengths of an online store to work in our customers’ favor. Our tight team claps and cheers when we see progress in organic traffic, ranking, keywords, and finally – revenue. We only work on projects that give us creative joy and the freedom to implement what we believe will be the most effective strategy.

Why Choose Us

Sure, some agencies offer to be your sherpa to “Page one,” but our edge is in our passion and values – accountability, education, and transparency.

Content Planning

From product/category pages to revenue-driving blogs, we plan and help implement strong content strategies.

In it for the long haul.

We believe that patience is rewarded in long term investing. We don’t promise quick turnarounds because we favor steady gains over time. Positioning your eCommerce site for SEO success means having an asset of your very own (rather than reliance on external sources – like Facebook and Google Ads) that generates revenue for your eCommerce store year-after-year.

Authority Building

We manage outreach & link building campaigns from end-to-end to turbocharge your domain authority.

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eCommerce SEO FAQs

Why are keywords relevant to SEO?

Keywords play a fundamental role in where your website’s listing appears in the search results. When users conduct searches, they use keywords to find listings relevant to their search query. You must target the right terms so you can reach people most interested in your business.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are keywords that contain three or more words. An example of a long-tail keyword is “Web Design companies in Atlanta, GA.” This keyword is specific and shows user intent.

It’s best to use long-tail keywords for your campaign because they drive your page’s most relevant traffic. When someone searches “Web Design companies in Atlanta, GA,” you know what the user wants to find. They’re looking for a web design company in that particular city.

What does SERP mean?

One of the most common SEO questions people ask is regarding the acronym SERP. SERP stands for search engine result page.

When you perform a search on Google, you get a mixture of paid and organic listings. All of these listings are part of SERPs. Essentially, it’s the page of listings displayed when you search.

What affects your SEO ranking?

One of the most commonly asked technical SEO questions is, “what affects my ranking?” After all, if you’re going to do SEO right, you must know factors that can impact where your business appears in the search results. Factors include page load time, keyword selection, and more.

Let’s take a look at a few factors that influence your site’s ranking:

  • Page load time: If your site loads too slowly, you risk losing leads to the competition. Your audience doesn’t want to wait for pages to load, and if your site takes too long, they will leave. This behavior increases your bounce rate, which negatively impacts your site’s ranking in the search results.
  • Keyword selection: Keywords help your listings appear in the right search results. You must choose relevant keywords to ensure you appear in the right results. Having the right keywords will help you drive more interested traffic to your page, which will increase the time spent on your page and improve your site’s ranking.
  • Content creation: When your business creates content for your audience, you share your knowledge and expertise. Content marketing influences SEO because it helps drive traffic to your site and keep traffic on your site longer. The increase in dwell time, or time spent on your website, helps boost your ranking in the search results.

While many factors influence your SEO ranking, these three factors have a more substantial impact on your ranking. If you want to be successful with SEO, you must know what affects your ranking and how you can use these factors to improve your ranking.

What are inbound and outbound links?

One of the most common technical SEO questions, regards linking. Linking is a crucial part of SEO that helps improve your site’s ranking.

There are two types of links you’ll incur: outbound and inbound links. Many people mix up these two types of links, so we’ll provide a little more detail for each.

What are title tags and meta descriptions?

When asking technical SEO questions, many people reference title tags and meta descriptions. These two elements are a crucial part of SEO and impact your site’s ranking.

How do you create an SEO-friendly URL?

One of the most common technical SEO questions is how to create an SEO-friendly URL. SEO-friendly URLs are essential because they help search engines understand the context of your page better. It also makes it easier for your audience to remember.

What’s the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO?

Asking about the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is one of the most critical SEO questions you will ask. To put it simply, white hat SEO is good, and black hat SEO is bad.

Ready to get serious with your eCommerce store?

If you have any more SEO questions, we’ve got SEO answers. Many moving parts go into SEO, so you’re likely to have more questions about this strategy. Our team at FluidRank can help answer any questions you have about SEO. If you’re ready to get all your SEO questions answered, click the button below or call us today at (404) 479-1746 to speak with a strategist.

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