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What is an eCommerce SEO Expert

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a vital component of nearly any online business’s digital marketing strategy. It’s neither easy nor simple to pursue, because if it were, every business would be able to handle their own digital marketing initiatives with ease. While there are innumerable aspects of a website, link strategy, and content publication that need to be optimized for growth and success, and industry best practices are in a constant state of flux, eCommerce SEO experts bring the expertise and experience necessary to optimize a website to its fullest potential.
Search Engine Optimization Experts
Experience in digital marketing produces both expertise and confidence, and when it comes to eCommerce SEO, we’ve managed campaigns for clients, on many different platforms, across countless eCommerce niches. We’ve seen rankings fluctuate and we understand the nuances that cause them; our eCommerce SEO experts have seen what content-based eCommerce SEO strategies are the most effective; we know what makes the difference between a lucrative keyword and one that appears attractive but won’t generate a great ROI. Our long history of experience providing comprehensive eCommerce SEO services gives us the expertise required to deliver effective SEO strategies for online stores based on all eCommerce platforms, regardless of their niche or ideal avatar. knowing the difference between a lucrative keyword vs. one that appears attractive but won’t generate a great ROI Our team of eCommerce SEO experts regularly works with clients in a wide range of niches, from smaller campaigns to campaigns targeting more than 150 keywords, we’ve mastered what works and what doesn’t, inside and out. If there’s a change we can make to your website, we’ll make it. If there’s a keyword you need to drop in favor of a more promising alternative, we’ll implement it. We’ve seen it all, which is good news for your eCommerce business. We rolled that experience into the best eCommerce SEO practices in the digital marketing world today. Our eCommerce experts specialize in BigCommerce SEO, Shopify SEO, Magento SEO, as well as other popular eCommerce platforms.

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How a SEO Specialist Expert Optimized Content

Not all SEO campaigns are about writing optimized content, but without a high-quality content strategy, an eCommerce SEO expert’s strategy is sorely lacking. Our expert content creators specialize in the production of well-crafted, optimized content, with the perfect balance of targeted keywords and recommended, supporting keywords, varied in length, subject matter, and placement on your website, including category and product pages and your blog. As far as expertise – anyone can write content, but doing it well is a skill that takes insight, poise, and keen attention to detail. For example, content must be optimized not only for length but also for keyword density. There is a fine balance between too few and too many occurrences of a keyword or of a combination of keywords – and we walk that line with grace.

Experienced eCommerce SEO Experts

Process and Industries Served
There are many ways to vet a Search Optimization Expert. It can be done according to the specialty or niche served, or according to the intricacy and flexibility of their SEO process. The best SEO specialist should serve all possible eCommerce industries, from consumer goods of all natures to specialty services. They should be eCommerce experts, in general, while having vast knowledge and execution of any campaign in detail. Listing it all out here would be a waste of time—visit our SEO by Industry list to see the number of industries we serve. As for the process, you’d want one that accounted for on page optimization, developed a link building strategy, published a variety of content both on and off your website, and continuously monitored your analytics and Google Search Console for changes in traffic in order to continuously improve. The SEO process also includes a variety of other ongoing processes targeting a variety of competitive keywords as well as low hanging fruits for quicker results that allows for continuous improvement. It might sound like a snapshot of the perfect process, and it is, because it’s the SEO Process that FluidRank has mastered.

eCommerce SEO Consulting and Auditing Services

You can trust our eCommerce SEO experts for help when you’re not sure how to proceed. In addition to our expert eCommerce SEO services, we offer eCommerce consulting services as well, along with free audits, including free SEO audits and eCommerce PPC audits. Complete audit services like these can help set you up with the framework for long term success.

Whether you want to learn more about how search engine optimization can increase organic traffic and conversion rates for your eCommerce site, how a social media marketing strategy can improve outreach, or are interested in a strategic partnership to ensure your design and development items are managed according to a timely schedule, FluidRank is a solid choice to consider when you’re ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

SEO Specialists’ FAQ

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Will eCommerce SEO help me bring in new customers?

When it’s executed properly, SEO will absolutely help you bring in new customers. That’s the ultimate goal of SEO. SEO helps your website rank more effectively for competitive keywords. As a result, your website climbs the SERPs for those keywords, showing up on more desirable digital real estate. That puts you in front of more potential customers in your target audience, resulting in higher organic traffic and usually in higher sales as well.

How do FluidRank’s eCommerce SEO experts know which keywords to target?

Our SEO project managers and technical analysts have years of experience managing projects, which includes conducting thorough keyword research and industry and competitor analysis. We take a very careful look at the volume, competition and search intent of every keyword, assessing where you and key competitors currently rank before even making any suggestions. Our process is extremely thorough and considers every variable we can account for to ensure that you have the most refined, practical target keyword list possible.

Will an SEO specialist let me know how big my campaign should be?

It might be natural to assume that your campaign should have an “ideal set size,” but more often than not, this is not the case. It really depends on your current keyword rankings, your industry, competitors, and users. Some small businesses with only a few products target huge lists of keywords and see commensurate results when conventional logic might be to assume that the business in question would do better with a small campaign. To know for sure, reach out to a specialist here and we’ll get you more specific information.

Is there a “best” time to begin an SEO campaign?

The best time to start an SEO campaign is now. If you aren’t currently taking efforts to improve your organic rankings with SEO, you’re potentially missing out on business.

Backlinks in specific and linking in general is a crucial part of SEO. FluidRank content specialists will create onsite content in order to improve the rankings of target pages on your website using carefully optimized internal linking. All campaigns also have a keenly refined backlinking strategy wherein we create a series of offsite content published on a variety of third-party websites containing backlinks to your website to increase your organic rankings.

How long does it take to see results?

It has often been said that SEO is a long term game, and it is. Many campaigns take several months to see results and the best results sometimes take over a year to build. However, we’ve had many clients see significant increases after only a few months of ongoing activities. In some ways, it depends on the unique conditions surrounding your eCommerce business. Contact a member of our team for more information.

Can I speak with an SEO consultant to change the size of my campaign?

Yes, you can change the size of your campaign pursuant to the terms of our agreement with your business. Many of our clients have been so impressed with the results of our SEO process after only a few months that they significantly increased the size of their campaigns, so if you’re thinking about starting small before bumping up, that’s alright. We’ve had many campaigns push their targeted list of keywords to 100 or even larger after seeing the growth in organic traffic and conversion rates resulting from our efforts.

What else besides eCommerce SEO services does FluidRank offer?

SEO is only one component of digital marketing. Many online businesses accept help from SEO teams as well as PPC teams in order to bring in more customers and improve their bottom line. In addition to SEO and eCommerce PPC services, FluidRank also provides a wide range of eCommerce web design and development services, as well as migration and support services. Our goal is to assist with eCommerce growth, and whether that’s targeting higher organic traffic with SEO or an improved UX with a redesign for conversion-rate-optimized homepages, landing pages or product pages, we get it done.

What sets FluidRank eCommerce experts apart?

Our industry is full of marketers, analysts, and design and development specialists, but there’s only room at the top for one – the best. Online entrepreneurs from all industries know who to turn to when they need groundbreaking eCommerce solutions, out-of-the-box thinking, and creative approaches to issues in design or development.