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Website Updates & Enhancements

Website Updates & Enhancements

Your entire design language flows from branding & logo design. Our designers develop branding guidelines to ensure a cohesive message across all channels. We make sure it gets off on the right foot with versatile, modern branding designs.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our web designers modernize older sites by applying the newest thinking in eCommerce web design, engagement, and conversion. Let our years of proven eCommerce success work for you.

Plugin and 3rd Party Issues / Updates

Plugin and 3rd Party Issues / Updates

We know how crucial the responsive experience is for eCommerce. All FluidRank® sites come with a custom responsive mobile experience. Not enough? Let us build a custom mobile template to enhance your eCommerce store experience.

Website Bugs & Issues

Website Bugs & Issues

It's crucial to standardize your branding everywhere you interact with your customers. Our custom email template designs help your marketing harmonize perfectly. Enhance your store's emails to match your branding and create consistent messaging.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Custom integrations are often needed to help your business integrate your website, software, systems, or platforms with each other, according to your unique needs and specifications. A good example is a custom integration between your website and your backend systems, such as your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions.

Custom Coding

Custom Coding

A dated-looking online store can cause a higher abandonment rate, thus lowering conversion and return on investment. Our eCommerce team can identify where to inject new life and excitement into your digital real estate to bring credibility and a positive brand experience.

API Development

API Development

An API (application programming interface) is an information gateway that allows the back ends of software and services to communicate. If you've ever wondered how the modern digital experience got so interconnected and convenient, the answer is APIs. Let our team of experienced developers keep your API's running smoothly 24/7.

eCommerce Consulting

CRO Services

Conversion rate optimization helps you understand your website’s usability better while giving customer behavior insights and tips on making your UX better to meet your goals. Let our experts increase your ROI with our CRO services.

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Robert Green Quote | Founder & CEO | FluidRank

FluidRank is an Atlanta, GA, and Dallas, TX-based eCommerce marketing agency that employs talented digital marketers, content creators, and media buying teams focusing on eCommerce. We have a grassroots approach to creating tailor-made eCommerce marketing campaigns for our eCommerce clients since our inception in 2016. Our eCommerce marketing agency has helped eCommerce clients increase their traffic, branding, and conversions with our results-proven marketing strategies. After working with countless eCommerce businesses over the years, our expert digital marketing team knows how to develop digital strategies on every major eCommerce platform. Founder and CEO Robert Green has been involved with eCommerce digital marketing over the last 6 years, carving our path as a top eCommerce agency in the industry. If you’ve been looking for an eCommerce agency with an intimate knowledge of design, paid media, and SEO, let us put our expertise to work for your business.


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Sometimes your site needs a quick update. We create new product banners, categories, and targeted landing pages to improve your reach and experience over time. We’re on call if something isn’t working quite right. We work to resolve bugs quickly so you can get back to what’s really important: selling.

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Account Management

We dedicate a specific account manager and central point of contact to your business. Whether you prefer email, phone, or virtual meetings, we make it easy to stay in touch. You can keep our experts engaged in updating and monitoring your site automatically, or we can be your on-demand team that gets assignments and executes on command. With a 24 to 48 hour turn-around time for most issues, we’re always available to handle tickets efficiently and effectively.

Agile Support Agreement

When other companies require large minimums and complex agreements, FluidRank keeps things simple. We offer multiple support plans depending on your requirements. We’ll sign a straightforward support agreement that allows your team access to all of our support resources. We’ll invite you to our internal CRM system, and from there, you can assign support tickets and create estimates for more ambitious eCommerce website changes.

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