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Ready to lower your advertising cost and improve conversions? Let us show you how we can help. As a Facebook Preferred Partner Agency, we have helped hundreds of businesses and spent millions of dollars creating Facebook advertising strategies built to succeed. Our focus on Facebook advertising is understanding the many different variables that go into the Facebook algorithm and making informed decisions on which levers will generate results. Let us employ years of experience across both eCommerce and lead generation and help you save both time and advertising dollars.

Reach New Audiences with Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook still reigns supreme as the world’s preeminent social media platform and offers savvy online merchants a variety of different options in ad types and targeting options that can be used to appeal to buyers of different interests and backgrounds, in equally diverse segments of your target market.

Why Facebook Advertising Services?

Facebook advertising campaigns have limitless potential when the strategy is carefully defined and the ad campaigns themselves are implemented and optimized thoroughly. There are innumerable material benefits to running a successful ad campaign with the help of a Facebook marketing services provider, among many of the following, below. In addition to the following benefits of partnering with a Facebook marketing agency, there are innumerable other benefits, many of which are industry or client-specific.

Unparalleled Reach

It's about the numbers. Simply put, Facebook's reach dwarfs most other platforms. You will be able to reach countless new customers every day.

Custom Strategy

We will develop a custom-tailored strategy unique not only to your business model and the value you deliver but to your target audience as well.

Time Savings

Managing and delivering content is time-consuming and a Facebook ads partner can save you significant amounts of time.

Continuous Optimization

The ongoing optimizations of our Facebook PPC management services drive down your cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition figures and improve return on investment.

Acute Targeting

We can create hyper-focused, acutely targeted ad copy and material in accordance with the preferences of each segment of your target market.

Remarketing Opportunities

Our Facebook ads experts can leverage remarketing and retargeting to encourage leads to convert into paying, loyal customers.

Additional Web Traffic

A Facebook advertising strategy can also be used as a sales funnel to direct traffic to your website, even if they do not convert directly through your ads.

Industry Analysis

Our Facebook marketing experts will perform a thorough, comprehensive industry analysis to furnish you with insight into the competitive positioning of your key industry rivals.

Comprehensive Reporting

All of our marketing efforts are detailed through extensive reporting to give you an analytical, quantifiable view into the success of each of your campaigns, how each is performing and where they can be improved.

Creative Acumen

Our dedicated Facebook marketing agency have years of creative experience and can offer that creativity to the success of your campaign.

Unrivaled Experience

A Facebook ad agency provider like FluidRank leverages countless years of digital marketing experience to your advantage.

Strategic Consulting

A strategic partnership is about more than Facebook Ads. Our expert services help improve the overall health of your digital marketing strategy: eCommerce SEO, PPC, and social media management.

Why choose us for your Facebook Advertising?

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Getting Started

Are you new to Facebook advertising, or have you just run a few ads? If looking for help to set up or ensure your campaigns are running correctly and producing a positive ROI, you've come to the right place.

Social Ads Experts

Our team of paid social experts is the best for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Don't just take our word for it. Our results speak for themselves

Growing Results

Are you currently advertising on Facebook but need help with the day-to-day management and implementing best practices? Do you need to increase my ROI while growing my results? Our Facebook Ads Agency can help.

ROI Focused

We are focused on getting you the best return on your investment for your company using paid social. There are many strategies to consider, so let our team do the heavy work so you can reap the rewards.

Expand Rapidly

Does your company utilizes Facebook advertising, but you're seeking an agency to oversee advanced optimization and implement technology to ensure my campaigns achieve maximum results? Our team of Facebook experts will take control and pump ROI into your business.

No Long Term Contracts

Jump on board with just a 90 Day commitment, and after that, our team wants to earn your business every month. If you are unhappy, you can end the contract at any time.

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How Facebook Advertising Works

There is a strategy that makes sense for every business. If you are serious about reaching more customers, making more sales, and generating more revenue for your business Facebook Advertising can be the solution.

However, to get the most out of your Facebook Ad campaign, it is important to work with an experienced Ad Agency like FluidRank. Countless details must be done right if your ad campaign is going to work for your targeting, your creative, your messaging, your landing page, and your analytics, to name a few, and at FluidRank, we have been there, done that, and we can get results for you.

The Art Of Winning

for Our Facebook Advertising Agency


Successful Facebook Advertising campaigns start with intelligent and strategic segmentation. With millions of dollars of monthly Facebook Advertising spend, we employ tried and true segmentation strategies that will help us best enter often saturated markets with a scalable and efficient plan of attack.


Great conversion rates are not just based on ad strategies; they are also based on how captivating the ads are themselves. Our team looks at the entire process and will create ad groups that target the most likely audiences and speak the language that responds best to your target demographic. Whether that's through a sequence of imagery, video, or simply captivating language, we look at the full process top to bottom and create campaigns that draw in the most engagement.


Once your ads are ready to go, our deployment process is never a set-it-and-forget-it type of arrangement. Each ad and group will be closely watched in that first stretch to ensure that our strategies are taking effect.


Perfection is a continual goal and rarely struck upon the first attempt. So while campaigns may look like they are performing well, we never settle on just good enough. Our team will continually monitor your ad campaigns and modify them as needed to ensure that we take full advantage of them if there is room for improvement.

FluidRank is a Facebook Ad Agency

FluidRank can directly impact the success of your Facebook Ad campaign. Among the many ways in which our agency can directly benefit your business and its marketing efforts are some of the following:

Again, many of the benefits of working with a dedicated Facebook ad agency are unique to industries or to individual clients. If you aren’t sure how to proceed with implementing or optimizing a Facebook ad strategy, get in touch with our Facebook marketing experts and they’ll answer any of your remaining questions.

Types of Facebook Marketing Ads and Facebook Ad Formats

There are many different Facebook ad types, which can be used to varying degrees of efficacy throughout the course of your Facebook marketing campaign by your SMM specialist. Oftentimes, a successful Facebook PPC campaign will not lean too heavily on one type of ad, but rather incorporate a series of different ad campaigns of different ad types, based on target customer interest and other factors. Discovering this balance of different ads and then implementing and continuously improving them is one of the keys to a successful Facebook PPC campaign.

Image Ads

Image ads are among the simplest of Facebook ads, consisting of an image that serves as a clickable ad to a landing page on your website. The image can be from your Facebook website or can be created especially for your campaign. They can also be used to boost posts.

Video Ads

A Facebook video ad can display in a regular news feed, or it can appear as an in-stream ad in another video. Video ads are great for products and services because they show those products in action. They can display the use of a product and represent its value in real-time. Video ads can be extremely effective promotional material, especially in a digital landscape where static images are harder to simulate. In many cases, a video ad is the next best thing.

Carousel and Slideshow Ads

Carousel ads consist of a group of rotating images that display through the ad. They can be especially effective for products that sell as complements of each other and also to showcase different imagery associated with one product. They can also be useful for highlighting and visually showcasing the many benefits of a single product, or of a class of products. You can also set up each individual image in the carousel with its own unique link, which makes them suitable for more than one product.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are great for targeting ads to closely align with user behavior. Let's say a customer has previously visited your website and clicked on a product or a category. Dynamic ads utilize tracked user behavior to present ads associated with these items or categories of interest to potentially qualified leads. These types of ads can be used to encourage conversions from customers that might otherwise forget about your product or brand, or end up converting with a competitor.

Stories Ads

Stories ads are specifically designed for users of mobile devices and consist of a full-screen video ad that displays vertically (it doesn't require users to tilt their screens or their heads). Because these ads are immersive and populate the full screen, they eliminate visual distractions from competing sources. Our Facebook advertising company will properly develop the ad, presenting excellent opportunities by which users can be encouraged to interact further with your brand or even convert right through the ad.

Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger ads are a really unique and engaging form of advertising that encourages your users to begin a text conversation with your organization. Instead of prompting users to shop or buy messenger ads feature a separate form of a call to action like Send Message.

Instant Experience Ads

Instant experience ads are fast-loading full-screen ads that enable you to create a custom, immersive experience for online shoppers. They can include videos, highlight unique features of your brand or service, contain calls-to-action, and more. Instant experience ads can also be linked together to create a series of in-depth experiences that encourage brand investigation, customer engagement, and conversions.

Collection Ads

Collection ads are only available for mobile devices and consist of up to five images or videos that link to your products or services. Since they pair with mobile devices and enable shopping without leaving the platform, they can be particularly useful for shoppers that are on the go or short on time.

Lead Ads

Lead ads, like collection ads, are only available for mobile devices, and as their name would suggest, are primarily interested in encouraging users to offer their contact information to build leads for your business. Lead ads make it easy for your users to offer different contact information without typing too much or feeling as though they're committing to a sale. This is a highly effective sales tool for businesses whose target market pursues a period of immersion, experience, and research before committing to a purchase.

Additional Optimizations

Facebook defines three main types of audiences, which are Saved Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Custom Audiences. Saved audiences are cohorts of users defined by demographics such as age, location, gender, interests, and behavior. These criteria can be defined and applied to increasingly large pools for the purposes of expanding your campaign. Lookalike Audiences are audiences of users that are similar to your Saved Audiences in some way or other, according to some defined criteria, and like Saved Audiences, can be fairly large groups of users. Facebook also allows you to set some criteria to define your own audience for your marketing initiatives. These audiences, which can be defined according to criteria such as engagement or other behavior, are known as Custom Audiences and are typically small and well-defined. However, in addition to targeting audiences according to these predefined criteria, our Facebook PPC management experts also perform ongoing optimizations for your Facebook advertising strategy to drive up your ROAS.

Developing a Facebook Marketing Campaign

While anyone can start running a Facebook marketing campaign pretty quickly, getting the most return on your investment hinges on Facebook ad discovery, defining your buyer persona, Facebook ad development, and then on continuous optimizations and improvements.

Discovery, Industry, and Competitor Analysis

Before our social media specialists can actually develop and start running Facebook ads we need to spend some quality time getting familiar with your business, its position in your market, and the competitive landscape of your industry. We also need to become deeply familiar with your buyer persona and the types of markets you are targeting.

Ad Development & Landing Page Optimization

Once we have completed our discovery phase, we have gathered enough information to define your target audience and develop a series of ads in the Facebook ads formats that will generate the greatest results. These ads, however, need to be written and developed, which our experienced content production teams and content marketing experts will manage. Our Facebook PPC management team will also work closely with our development team to ensure that either the proper landing pages are selected and optimized for the customer experience, or that new landing pages are developed in order to foster conversions.

Facebook Ad Optimization

During the course of your Facebook ad campaign, our Facebook PPC management specialists will closely monitor user behavior, making continuous tweaks and optimizations to your Facebook PPC ads on the basis of performance. Our ultimate goal for your campaign is to maximize both objective profitability and ROAS while minimizing your costs, where possible.

Facebook Ad Marketing & Reporting

Our Facebook PPC specialists will provide you with detailed reporting on the progress of your Facebook ads campaign on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the campaign. These reports will contain valuable, analytical information regarding the status and performance of your ad groups, explanations regarding shifts in performance and user behavior. They also contain detailed suggestions for optimizations that can be made with the expectation of improvement. You will also have access to a dedicated project manager that will serve as your point of contact throughout the campaign. Whenever you have concerns or questions about the project or the actions of our team, you can reach out to your project manager for a thorough and swift response.

Cost of Facebook Advertising Services

What Facebook Advertising Service Package Is Best for My Business? How Much Do Facebook Advertising Services Cost?

Facebook Advertising FAQs

Get Your Answers Here

Will you take a look at my account before I get started?

We would be happy to perform an audit of your account free of charge to see if our services might work for you. We are in the business of building value in any way we can.

How long are your contracts?

Our Facebook Advertising Agency requires a 3-month minimum commitment to our services. This allows us to audit the account, pixel, work on creative, craft brand messaging, and rapid-fire test different strategies. After that, our contracts have always been and will continue to be month to month. We prefer to prove value every month and build long term partnerships that way.

How does your pricing work?

We offer a la carte pricing for all our services and create packages specific to your business. Our monthly minimums for services start at $5,000 per month, which we feel is adequate to give us the time each month to run successful campaigns.

How much money do I need to spend on ads?

We recommend an absolute minimum of $3,000 per platform. This allows for Facebook and Google algorithms to collect data and optimize properly. Anything under these minimums allows for incomplete modeling and lower performance.

Do I own the ads you build or do you keep them?

You will always maintain ownership of all accounts, ads, and materials. We help you set up your accounts, and you authorize us to run them. They always remain yours.

Who does the work on my accounts?

All of our accounts are run by full-time employees here at FluidRank. Every employee who works within our accounts is Facebook Blueprint Certified and Google Ads Certified. Your campaigns will never be given to freelancers or anyone who works outside of FluidRank.

How does reporting work?

Reporting will vary depending on ad spend and need. At ad spends under $50,000 per month, we generally recommend bi-weekly reporting. At $50,000 per month or more, we recommend weekly reporting to aggregate data more quickly, which allows for more rapid changes in the account.

Do you offer creative services?

Yes! We offer creative services on a project basis, depending on need.