Facebook Marketing Vs Organic Marketing

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Facebook Marketing Vs Organic Marketing

Facebook Marketing Vs Organic MarketingMarketing is essential for every business, no matter big or small. No business can grow without a proper marketing plan. And Facebook marketing is the trend now. If we compare Facebook marketing with organic marketing, you can understand different aspects of these two marketing forms.

Facebook marketing is also a form of paid marketing. But compared to organic marketing, it’s cost-effective. Nowadays, it’s prevalent to have a proper Facebook page for any business. Without any recognized Facebook pages, it’s seemingly impossible to gain customers’ trust and credibility. And this is essential. It’s almost free as you can post any of your products and services. And you can check the customer’s feedback. Or you can boost any of your posts to reach more people. That is basically the paid version of Facebook marketing.

On the other hand, organic marketing is never free. It’s the oldest form of marketing. Organic marketing includes TV commercials, Newspaper ads, Magazine ads, Billboards. Organic marketing is also widespread, and although Facebook marketing is gradually taking a grasp of the marketing business, people are still opting for organic marketing. For organic marketing, you have to design the marketing strategy and then invest your money accordingly.

In Facebook marketing, you can target a specific audience and design your marketing plan according to them. For Facebook, one of the advantages is you know whom you are catering to. And according to the targeted audience, you can change your marketing plan. Here you know your targeting audience will see your marketing for sure and the possibility of the audience directly interacting with you is much higher. Facebook marketing reaches an effective audience, and the conversation rate of sales is much higher. And you will know the exact statistics of how many people you are reached from any particular boosted post.

On the other hand, organic marketing is designed to keep everybody into consideration. Organic marketing can’t decide who is going to watch this. It’s designed for everyone, and reaching the target audience is not as easy as Facebook marketing. Organic marketing takes more time and budget to make. It’s a more conventional way of marketing.

Facebook marketing can produce an immediate response. People can like, comment, share any post. This is immediate feedback from which you can sense how people like your products and services. You can directly contact the audience and can persuade them with your communication and convincing skills. On the contrary organic marketing takes time to reach people. And the feedback comes even later. An increase in sales can translate the result of marketing. If the sale increases, then it can be assumed that the marketing is successful. It’s a time-consuming process and takes time to show results.

Facebook marketing is faster, easy, and reliable. The response is of FB marketing is trackable. You already know before boosting how many people you can reach. And this paid marketing is basically targeted at the people who don’t know your business or haven’t liked your page yet. So it brings more audience and the allure the existing audience to buy your products or get your services. It can also improve your offline sales as well. People research on Facebook about any product before physically going to the shops. And good FB marketing can attract more customers, and the number of offline sales will also increase. On the other hand, In organic marketing, it’s not as fast a Facebook marketing. When you design any TV commercials or newspaper ads, It’s more time to consume. It would help if you did a thorough research about marketing. You never know if your targeted audience is going to be catered or not. So the language of marketing should be more generic. The content should be more catchy, and the representation should be attractive. Then again, you cant ensure how much impact that marketing campaign would make.

More than 70% of marketers use Facebook marketing today. According to a recently published report of Business2community, 47% of marketers say that Facebook is their number one influencer of purchases. After reading this blog, you can clearly understand that Facebook marketing has its benefit. And compared to organic marketing, Facebook marketing is far more effective and time saver. Choose wisely to get the best result. Choose Facebook marketing!