How to Build Your Ecommerce Business With Digital Marketing

How to Build Your Ecommerce Business With Digital Marketing

How to Build Your Ecommerce Business With Digital Marketing

Small businesses that are just emerging or have been existing for a while often want to become a force to be reckoned with over time. It’s not surprising that they employ various tactics to attract customers’ attention.

Consumers are no longer restricted by time or location when engaging in online shopping. The rapid rise in the rate of the adoption of mobile devices has contributed to this. Online visitors can easily differentiate between amazing products and substandard ones.

A good number of them will only buy from a brand that values them and meet their expectations. It’s easier for e-commerce businesses to achieve this feat with a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing channels to focus on

Digital marketing offers e-commerce brands an inexpensive way to grow. Although the following channels are constantly evolving, they are must-haves in your online marketing arsenal.

  • Content marketing

Every part of your website needs content. Needless to say, content is the bedrock of your entire digital marketing effort. The benefit of creating awesome content goes beyond ranking high in SERP and getting more sales – you will also be offering immense value in your own way.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is still a viable digital marketing channel. An email marketing strategy that is driven by automation can help you to start a conversation with prospects and convert them. Most e-commerce businesses use social media campaigns to gather emails for their email list.
Personalize your emails to establish a deeper connection with your audience.

  • SEM marketing

One of the major goals of nearly all brands in this digital age is to be highly visible to their target customers. The truth is that focusing on SEO alone will take some time. Paid traffic brings more traffic and faster results than SEO.

  • SEO marketing

It’s crucial to invest in SEO marketing if you want to appear on the first page of SERP. This is even applicable if you’re trying to attract local customers. Make sure you track your results and improve your strategy.

  • Social media marketing

Be ready to offer value first and help your followers solve their problems before winning their trust in social media networks. Avoid focusing on vanity metrics such as shares and likes. Some of the important metrics you should consider are engagement, leads generated and conversion rate.

6 Best practices for building a digital marketing strategy

It can be difficult to get a good return on your investment without a solid game plan. Copying a strategy from a similar business or competitor won’t cut it. The best thing is to design a customized digital marketing plan for your e-commerce business.

1. Simplify the checkout process

Optimizing the checkout process will make it seamless and reduce the rate of cart abandonment. Get rid of distractions that may come in different forms like bells and whistles. There is no need to ask for too much information or else a prospect will leave in frustration.

Opt for a single page with a progress bar instead of relying on multiple pages.

2. Prioritize personalization

You may lose customers if you’re using trust signals on your site but ignore personalization. Online visitors naturally gravitate towards brands that genuinely care about their needs and interests. Encourage users to take a personalized quiz to know them better and boost engagement.

3. Optimize your descriptions

Craft unique descriptions using the right keywords for each product. You will likely rank higher and make more sales once you take this step. More so, customers will be able to discover what they are looking for.

Set up a detailed FAQ page to address the common queries. This can slash the time that your customer service staff will use to handle such issues to half. Customer reviews and testimonials are still effective too.

4. Show payment options

Chances are you’re already using some of the trusted payment platforms on your website. Don’t hesitate to display their logos and security seals. Asides that, disclose the shipping costs upfront without any hidden charges.

Let them know when they will get their package and share any other important information.

5. Revamp your website

It’s high time to give your website a fresh look if it’s being a while you’ve taken that step. This is one of the ways to earn customers’ trust. You can draw inspiration from the latest web design and development trends. The bottom line is that your website must be mobile-friendly and responsive.

6. Don’t neglect the human touch

Online visitors usually crave the human touch and no technology is powerful enough to replace that yet. Try to introduce your team members and share behind-the-scene videos. AI automation can help you to simplify the whole process.

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