How to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic With SEO – Our Guide

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How to increase your blogs traffic with SEO

How to increase your blogs traffic with SEOSo you’ve launched a new blog site, wrote some articles, and you notice there’s not much traffic coming your way. Why is that? Well, merely having a website does not guarantee results. Most blogs don’t have many readers because they do not promote their posts enough. You also need to optimize your content through SEO, to rank your posts higher on search engines. A higher ranking means higher visibility and traffic.

Here’s what you can do to increase your blog’s traffic:


  1. Use an SEO plug-in

Install a good SEO plug-in such as Yoast, which gives you pointers on how your content is doing in terms of SEO. Understand how the plug-in work so you can choose the right keywords and write your content better.

  1. Invest time in keyword research

Take the time to research for keywords that drive the most traffic. Always do research for the best keywords that suit your brand, products, and services so you can reach a more targeted audience and boost your blog’s traffic. You can also localize your search by adding your city or the places where your target audience is located. Some tools can help you conduct research easily, such as Google Keyword Popularity Tool and AdWords. Google will give a list of the relevant keywords that internet users have used to search for information in the past. Export the keywords in a notepad or spreadsheet so you can easily use them as a reference later on.

  1. Add a focus keyword in the permalink, title, and lead

Permalink is an important component of SEO, so it is crucial to put the focus keyword in your URL. Pick a keyword that is relevant to the purpose of your post. Mention it in the first sentence or first paragraph of your blog post, as well as in the excerpt field. Place the keyword as well a few times in the body of your article. These will help optimize your posts.

  1. Offer ways for visitors to subscribe

Provide multiple ways where your readers can subscribe to your blog through email or RSS. When they subscribe, they get notified whenever you have published a new post. Otherwise, when they cannot find a way to connect with you, they may not think of coming back again. Moreover, subscribers also become leads, which you can convert into actual clients in the future.

Bottom line

Merely having a blog site and posting articles does not guarantee that you can get high traffic instantly. It requires hard work, time, effort, SEO, and marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website. Keep these in mind as you get started with your blog, and maybe one day, you will learn that your blog has become a traffic-generating machine already.

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