How to Make Your Website Design Look Great – Our Guide 2021

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Things to Consider When Redesigning your Website

Things to Consider When Redesigning your WebsiteAlmost every business, whether it’s online or has a brick-and-mortar store, has a website in this day and age. This is because a website is the online representation of your brand and business. It’s where you can promote your products or services. It caters to your target audience and it also serves as an online hub to carry out transactions for your business.

That’s why website design is important. If you want to attract an audience, make your site appealing, and ensure its functionality, then you have to make sure your website’s design is done right. Here are some tips on how to design your website effectively and properly:

Balanced Design

When it comes to website design, balance is everything. This simply means balancing the weight in achieving symmetry and asymmetry. Asymmetrical balance may be a lot harder to pull off, but it can be more playful. Symmetrical balance is more streamlined, but both require manipulating the visual weight of the design. This has to do with the color, size, and other elements of your site.  

Compartmentalized Design

When it comes to this aspect, the trick is to use grids. A grid is a series of horizontal and vertical rulers. It can help you compartmentalize your web design. Think of columns and how they can improve readability. Two important types of columns that make easy reading include spacing and the Rule of Thirds. There’s no denying that space is paramount. The Rule of Thirds involves mentally dividing up your image using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, and positioning the important elements along those lines.

Two to Three Base Colors

It’s best to pick two to three base colors for your website. Less than that can be dull and boring, whole more than three base colors can be visually distracting. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to incorporating colors for your web design. However, it all boils down to common sense and having the right feel when it comes to the design. One look and you’ll know if the colors will work or not.

Streamlined Graphics

As for the graphics, you should ensure they go well together. They shouldn’t be cluttered; they should be streamlined instead. Great graphic designs need not be fancy and poor graphics are a big no-no. They have to be perfectly executed, from both a technical and thematic standpoint, because graphics add to the message of your website.

White Space

Now the question is, how do you make the elements stand out? The answer to this is by employing white space, or negative space in your site. It has to do with what isn’t there. Why is this important? White space gives a breathing room and a sense of calm. When there is enough white space, it gives prominence to the more important visual elements on your site. You don’t want to make your site feel cramped, in the sense that when you look at it, you don’t know where to focus.

Cohesive Elements

Finally, it’s best to ensure that all the elements present on your website are connected. That means there should be both unity and consistency in your website. Visual elements are all part and parcel of the whole website. They have to adhere to a theme and live up to the brand and image of your business.

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