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Magento powers approximately 26 percent of all eCommerce sites in the Alexa top one million sites list, more than any other eCommerce platform. An estimated 125,000 merchants are using Magento for their eCommerce storefronts, including some of the largest brand names in fashion, clothing, sports, and electronics, Magento has become the digital solution to dominate the global market.

With 45 certifications in Magento 2, a Magento maintainer, countless Magento core contributions, and more than 32 years of combined experience, we have the expertise to handle Magento projects of any complexity.

As a Magento Solutions Partner since 2014, FluidRank’s Magento website developers and designers have cultivated a profound understanding of the platform, its abilities, and how to best use Magento’s strengths to serve our clients.

With more than 45 Magento certifications and 65 custom Magento builds under our belt, our team has mastered all of the essential elements of Magento development

How we can help

Whether your Magento site needs fundamental or incremental changes, we apply our expertise to implement a customized strategy tailored to your business. We understand that ROI is important, and our team works to optimize every facet of your Magento website to ensure when a visitor arrives, they engage in the result you desire.

Why Magento

Total control and open-ended capabilities can seem overwhelming, but the right strategy can take full advantage and help businesses of all types succeed. Designed to be completely scalable and offering optimal performance, the Magento platform provides a package of exclusive features both in the backend and frontend to optimize marketing and analytical techniques and improve administration options. All of which dramatically increase the shopping experience of your customers.

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Elite Hookah

Custom Design / SEO

Huk Gear

Custom Design / PPC / SEO

Salt Life

Custom Design / Magento 2 Development

Cox & Cox

Custom Design / Magento Development / PPC / SEO


Custom Design / Shopify / PPC

Fox Racing

Custom Design / Development / SEO

Magento SEO

Adobe’s Magento is a powerhouse of eCommerce SEO capability. But, like all eCommerce platforms, the out-of-the-box solution is full of missteps. Magento extensions can patch most of the technical issues back together and enable advanced schema/structured data. This not only helps you rank better, but it also makes your listings draw more attention from little yellow review stars, breadcrumb links to your category silos, and beyond. A little custom development work in your themes will fix the rest. But only if you know where the opportunity is at.

Hire The Best Magento SEO Firm

FluidRank’s expert SEO consultants know the platform. Most of our strategists have been doing eCommerce SEO for over 9 years.

We are specialists in national SEO work for high-end brands. While most SEO firms put minimal effort towards 10-20 ranking factors using automation and mindless outsourcing, we built our own 30-module audit system and have obsessed over all of Google’s hundreds of ranking factors to get there.

And unlike most other SEO companies, eCommerce SEO is the focus. Ours is a model where you can’t hide behind outsourcing and hustling companies that aren’t digital-savvy.

MageSuite: Our Magento 2 evolution full CMS

Our MageSuite lifts Magento 2 to the next level and enriches it with various features around CMS, search, UX, performance and security. That enables us to merge content creation with e‑commerce functionalities, without the need to add a third party content management system to the shop. Thanks to our open source approach, we ensure that our merchants can operate and evolve their shops independent of us, because we believe in equal partnerships without vendor lock-in.

We specialize in

Innovative eCommerce solutions need a technical platform that can be easily and flexibly adapted to individual requirements. With its open-source and headless-ready architecture, Magento is an ideal platform for endless customization and integration possibilities.

We are a Magento Commerce Specialized Partner. That makes us one of only 20 agencies in the United States with a proven record for the highest technical expertise and customer satisfaction in Magento Development. As an active contribution partner and Magento Maintainer, we work on evolving Magento as a complete e-commerce ecosystem that leads in global benchmarks.

Our Magento

For more than 9 years, we have implemented successful Magento projects for both B2C and B2B merchants. Get in touch with us to learn more about our work and experience. Further examples of our work can be found on our portfolio page.


"Our overall experience was that we learned a lot from FluidRank and they kept us up to date on every move they made. They were informative and professional. I am looking forward to working on another project with them as soon as possible."

Brit Turner

Blackberry Smoke


"FluidRank is comprised of a group of professionals striving to help educate and accommodate you through your journey to improve your websites UX & SEO. Salt Life, needed to revamp quite a bit of things with our current digital landscape. We worked primarily with Naman & Robert. They were incredibly responsive and patient when working with our shortcomings. We’re very grateful for their help. They were transparent - it was very clear as to what they were working on and how our finished product turned out was how we expected."

Chris Green


"Rob and his team's knowledge of web design is stellar and will take your business from 0-100! They are incredibly hard-working and don't stop till they're reached perfection. They know how to take a simple idea and turn it into a masterpiece, and they can drive the traffic to your website ten-fold. The best there is!"

Jordan Cross


Robert and his team went above and beyond what we expected! The amount of care and time that goes into each project was truly amazing. I cannot begin to explain what a great company they are to work with, and would Recommend them to anyone!

Emily Paul