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The powerful world of online marketing is bright, dynamic and possibilities are endless. But that doesn’t mean you should forsake or undervalue the tried and true methods of offline marketing.

Did you know that your audience still loves to hold postcards, brochures and white papers in their hands? They still appreciate leave behinds after a meeting, trade show or sales consultation. Hard copy marketing pieces are anything but stale. These marketing tools can easily and smoothly be adapted to support and compliment your existing online campaign.

For instance, a postcard announcing a new referral contest can be printed with a unique web code so you know exactly who uses it to visit your tailored micro site. A magazine ad can include a QR code that brings up a micro site, business card, image or additional information on a prospect’s phone. They new way of tracking how well these wicked campaigns are running prove that contrary to popular belief offline marketing still rules the roost.

These are only a few examples of how offline marketing pieces are not only alive, but how they can be a big part of your online efforts and provide valuable data to measure success.

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