Reasons Why You Should Integrate Technical SEO Into Your Website

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Reasons Why You Should Integrate Technical SEO Into Your Website

Reasons Why You Should Integrate Technical SEO Into Your WebsiteIn order to drive brand recognition and contribute to sales, any modern business needs a website. Plenty of small business owners have heard of SEO but believe that marketers are exaggerating its importance. After all, how much difference can those meta descriptions and page URLs really make? 

A developer who can design an SEO-friendly website sounds great in theory, but it’s easy to doubt their importance. Before you hire just any developer to build your site, allow us to try to change your mind and convince you that someone acquainted with SEO is crucial.

Here are two reasons to integrate technical SEO into your website:

1 – The site will be coded in a way that Google understands

The interactive elements in a browser are typically coded with Javascript. Although this programming language has been around for quite some time, Javascript is still an issue for SEO. Even Google can have trouble processing information from a website that is written in Javascript.

The most significant issue that Javascript has with SEO is that it doesn’t understand or implement SEO in its programming. Most search engines aren’t able to scan a site with Javascript nearly as efficiently as they could if it were written in HTML. Many businesses end up having their whole website coded again in either HTML or PHP, more traditional languages. Having your website coded twice will take lots of time, and time is money.

On top of that, Google completes the indexing process with a two-pass method. The first pass takes a look at the HTML followed by the second pass a day to a few weeks later. In essence, HTML content is indexed quicker than Javascript content. Without the use of technical SEO, websites coded with Javascript will either take a long time to index or may never be indexed at all.


2 – The data will be structured to improve search engine rankings

Structured data is essential to any SEO. This allows the implementation of unique codes into the website to help search engines process sites better. Here are a few examples of how Google uses structured data, or schema, to improve search rankings:

2.1 – Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are the rating stars, business hours, and any other details that Google displays.

2.2 – Rich Answers

When a user asks a question on Google in most cases, they will receive an answer without having to visit a website. This is a Rich Answer. Sites have to implement a proper schema and cater to the type of question to qualify for Rich Answers.

2.3 – Knowledge Panel

This is the box of information a user receives when searching for movies, companies, and people. The details and information related to the search are pulled from a website with a well-implemented schema.

There are many options regarding structuring data, and so using technical SEO is essential in utilizing these options correctly.

The SEO industry is fast-paced and will always demand that you stay up-to-date if you mean to enjoy a spot on the first page. That said, the above items will remain as two of the most critical factors in SEO. Do yourself and your business a big favor and integrate technical SEO early on. 

You will need a professional who is familiar with Javascripts, can utilize schema markups, and can improve your technical SEO. An expert with those skills and the willingness to work with you to reach your SEO goals will help you achieve your desired success in no time!

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