Shopify Expert Development Services

Our Shopify Growth System is for you.

Are you looking to work with a team of Shopify experts? Shopify has built a stellar reputation in the eCommerce space. It’s a robust, versatile platform that works well for eCommerce businesses of all sizes and it’s precious for entry-level businesses that need to get up and to run quickly.

However, like any eCommerce platform, it takes serious marketing know-how to bring out the best in Shopify. We’re Shopify experts, and we have the experience and the ability to optimize your Shopify store so that you can get more traffic, grow your sales, and ultimately make more money online. We can help you no matter where you are in the process whether you need a new Shopify site created from scratch, you want to migrate your existing site to Shopify, or you’ve already got a Shopify store, but you need help getting to the next level. We’ve generated over $825 Million Dollars in eCommerce revenue for our clients let us help you increase revenue with your Shopify website!

We're one of the top Shopify agencies

Shopify Store Setup

The FluidRank Shopify setup strives to get you running on Shopify as quickly and painlessly as possible. As a result, we can do it affordably.

Shopify Application Development

We hired experienced Shopify App Developers when we launched this division of our business. Our Shopify developers, on average, have Shopify Apps that have sold 900+ times. Some of the most popular apps on the platform were developed by the team we hired away from the business's biggest company.

Shopify Theme Design

Your brand is unique to you. We can custom design your online store to match your vision, mission, and brand. We are experts at designing and building Shopify eCommerce websites. We have over 20+ years of combined experience in eCommerce design, development & marketing.

Third-Party API Development

We build API integrations almost every day. We have integrated to Oracle, P21, Google, ShopBoss, Zentoti, and 100s of little systems. We also build MBaaS (Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service) interfaces for mobile applications. If you want it, we can do it.

Custom Shopify Theme Development

We have the Shopify Liquid expertise to enhance your user experience and make your store more impactful and effective at selling. As a result, your website sells more product per visit and allows you to deliver an outstanding customer experience. The liquid is Shopify's template language that provides a bridge from the design to the data layer. If you are using a Theme Stuffer to build your website, they don't know Liquid and can only insert your content and ideas into sections built by a real developer. All of our Shopify Developers are EXPERT in Liquid.

Migrate to Shopify

No matter what platform you are currently on, we can move all of your product and customer data into Shopify. We have the most experienced team on the planet and expertise in OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestacart, and BigCommerce. We will get your data out of the current platform and import it into Shopify. Reduce your time to go live with Shopify Migration Services.

We Create Success Stories

We Offer A Diverse Portfolio Of Success

Elite Hookah

Custom Design / SEO

Huk Gear

Custom Design / PPC / SEO

Salt Life

Custom Design / Magento 2 Development

Cox & Cox

Custom Design / Magento Development / PPC / SEO


Custom Design / Shopify / PPC

Fox Racing

Custom Design / Development / SEO

Shopify SEO

At FluidRank, we’ve combined Shopify and SEO’s user-friendly features for eCommerce to create the perfect Shopify marketing solution for online store owners. We are proud to be Shopify SEO experts that focus exclusively on eCommerce SEO. We also offer our expert service for Shopify Plus clients.


Your ideal customer is out there, and they're searching for you right now. Our targeted solutions will help them find you. Unlike most SEO consultants, our strategies were uniquely developed for Shopify eCommerce.


No two eCommerce businesses are the same, and neither are our SEO solutions. Whatever challenges you're facing, we'll build a targeted Shopify SEO strategy to boost your search engine rankings, traffic, and sales.


86x increase in organic website hits; 148% increase in revenue; #1 Google ranking in just two months. These are just a handful of the real results we've generated for Shopify eCommerce businesses like yours.

Shopify Web Design FAQs

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce solution that allows you to set up a website to sell your products online. It lets you organize your products, customize your store, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders with ease.

How much does Shopify cost?

There are a wide variety of plans to choose from depending on your need. It will also depend on the level of customization as well as functionality needed on your e-commerce website. The monthly subscription model starts at $29.99.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify isn’t just for small and medium businesses — Shopify Plus provides a fully hosted, SaaS eCommerce platform for enterprise-level and fast-growing merchants at a relatively low cost compared to traditional enterprise-grade eCommerce solutions.

Shopify Plus merchants enjoy unlimited sales, visitors, and products with the platform’s more than 29,000 CPU cores and 13PB of storage. Shopify dedicates Success Managers to every Shopify Plus account to help strategize marketing efforts and improve customer experiences.

The Shopify Plus platform is scalable and can help any enterprise build effective eCommerce solutions with features, including:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and transactions
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 4 million hits per second
  • More than 1,000 apps
  • 40+ migration tools
  • Up to 10,000 checkouts per minute
  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliant

From Google to the LA Lakers, industry giants are taking advantage of Shopify Plus because of the many tools and benefits.

What do I need in order to start selling?

All you need to sell products online is a Shopify subscription, which starts at $29.99, products to showcase, and an account with Paypal or your merchant processor to start selling on Shopify.

How Does Shopify Compare With Other eCommerce Platforms?

With the massive growth of online shopping and enhanced mobile options for purchasing goods, tons of companies are flocking to the industry in hopes of helping more budding entrepreneurs launch their business online. Shopify is one of our favorite platforms for a variety of reasons. Still, it’s worth comparing the user interface, features, and price tag with other eCommerce systems out there to make sure it’s the right fit — just like comparison shopping to find the best bargain, perfect size, or right tools.

What Does Shopify Do to Grow Your Online Store?

Because Shopify offers a comprehensive marketing suite, businesses are finding it easy to scale and get in front of new audiences. The platform offers SEO features, like customizable headlines, titles, and meta tags so that eCommerce sites can rank high in search results. Customers can post SEO-friendly product reviews, which also work wonders for building a business’s credibility.

Shopify merchants can leverage email marketing integrations with Klavyio and offer gift cards and coupons to attract and maintain loyal customer bases. Google advertising programs and full integration with the major social media platforms work to reach Shopify sites further and drive revenue.

What is .liquid language?

Liquid is the eCommerce template language used by Shopify. It is written in line with your theme’s HTML and lets you display your shop’s content; however, you see fit.

What can you sell on Shopify?

Tina Roth Eisenberg’s daughter was a fan of temporary tattoos. However, Tina found herself constantly complaining about the poor quality and design of the rub-on skin art. So she enlisted a host of artists and designers to create Tattly — a higher quality, more creative solution to the shoddy temporary tattoos she was applying to her daughter’s skin. Tattly is now a thriving eCommerce business, thanks largely to how easy it was for Tina to get up and run with Shopify.