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Benefits of Global Enterprise

One of the superior aspects of Shopify Plus over other hosted platforms is the 9 clone stores that come with your original site. That means that you can profit from launching both multi-currency and multi-languages, thus better dealing with the global market. With a perk like 9 clone stores, you can begin to create an international brand and increase your growth. In a globalized world, this can be the greatest way to spread your brand and reach the most consumers possible.


Shopify Plus comes with four different kinds of support teams that offer 24/7 support for their users. Sales Hackers answer technical, product and service-related questions. Solutions Engineers offer help to potential merchants to understand all of Shopify Plus capabilities, which can be beneficial for a newcomer!


You'll find that Shopify Plus has very competitive pricing in comparison with other platforms such as Magento. Shopify Plus works with a monthly platform fee, starting at $2,000 a month and up depending on transactions and apps.

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Benefits of Global Enterprise

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