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We are lead generation machines who build brand ambassadors. Our team specializes in the power of Facebook and Social Media Advertising. When campaigns are managed strategically, they drives business growth and revenue. Get ready to convert clicks into customers with our Social Media Marketing company.

The Trusted Social Media Marketing Company  in Atlanta,GA.

Strategic Planning

Reaching new customers and converting them into involves a lot of Psychology, Avatar Identification and Analytics. At FluidRank, we focus on substance, amplification and data review to achieve campaign successes. By understanding your audience and thinking creatively around how to reach them and influence actions, our experts in social media marketing in Atlanta, GA, firm achieve campaign strategy wins.

Reputation Management

You’re got a “Rep to Protect!” As Yelp, Facebook and Google reviews drive future business for your company, those bad reviews can be detrimental to your bottom line, thus effecting your ROI. Your reputation is everything to you and quite frankly our business.FluidRank with its sharp social media marketing strategies in Atlanta ensures your company has a positive reputation on rating sites, by dynamically engaging your clients and your community to share all the things that make you awesome, positively affecting your valuable online reputation.

Review Boost Engagement

FluidRank uses a specialized internal platform to engage with your customers directly, allowing you to respond to feedback whether positive or negative. We drive reputation management with our review boost engagement strategy. Clients achieve increased customer engagement within a simple and manageable tool for their business.

Content Strategy

Successful content marketing concentrates on reaching the right people while making your customers the focus of the message. FluidRank focuses on brand positioning, voice, narrative and delivering tailored content that evolves with the customer’s journey. With the use of brand identity, video, captivating imagery and a compelling message, we create content that dominates and builds customer engagement.

Campaign Development & Management

FluidRank creates marketing plans that support your key performance indicators (KPI’s) and revenue objectives, focused on increasing brand awareness and sales growth. Our powerhouse team develops, manages, and measures your campaigns to evaluate their effectiveness, and make adjustments along the way to increase ROI. Creativity meets highly targeted analytics in each of our campaigns. Want 5 to 15 times ROI?, lets partner up today.

Campaign Collateral

Campaign collateral can be any form of advertising defining brand’s message and creating action: videos, commercials, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, Facebook Ads, and so much more…. FluidRank designs, develops, then produces material that reaches your target and potential customers, while simultaneously helping your campaign goals thrive.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are a great way to market a company’s products and services. These materials can be anything from sales collateral material, advertisements, and every day usable products that showcase your brand identity. FluidRank can design and integrate these elements into a comprehensive marketing strategy plan.

Facebook Advertising

With 2.23 billion (Yes that is with a “B”) current monthly Facebook users, Facebook is an unbelievably powerful and cost effective tool to reach your future customer. Your company can deliver to thousands of users at an affordable average rate of .64 cents cost per click (CPC). FluidRank tests and identifies your most profitable offers, creates custom creative that highlight your brand directly to your ideal customers. We use advanced target marketing and a systematic segmented workflow along with a true understanding of Facebook’s Algorithm to reach and convert consumers using Facebook Ads.

Social Media Integration

Social Media creates exposure for your business and encourages feedback and exchange with customers. Having your social media channels integrated gives your brand total engagement with the customer. It also ensures all messages are consistent and on brand message. FluidRank creates a comprehensive social media management strategy allowing clients to interact in real time, providing them with content that is specifically significant and interesting, while driving prospects and growing your network.

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