What is Linkable Content In Web Design?

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Reasons Why You Should Integrate Technical SEO Into Your Website

Reasons Why You Should Integrate Technical SEO Into Your Website

What Is Linkable Content In Web Design?

Investing a little time (and perhaps a little money) into researching and improving your website’s search optimization (also known as SEO) can hugely benefit your business. In fact, if you run a small business in Atlanta, then crafting a high-quality website that links to several other pages on your site is perhaps the greatest thing you can do for your company. Quality SEO can boost your rankings in popular search engines, help more customers find you online, and keep your small business alive and growing. If you’re looking for great web design strategies, visit Fluidrank: a top Atlanta web design agency highly experienced in Atlanta SEO and dedicated to putting your business on the map, big or small. It’s never too late to start utilizing SEO.

Why Spend Time On SEO?

Returning customers are crucial when it comes to sustaining your business. One-time customers may earn you a day’s paycheck, but high rates of returning satisfied customers can support you for years (and if they enjoy your services, then you’ll be making their lives better, too). However, you’ll never be able to find returning customers if no one knows who you are or what your business does. Utilizing quality web design strategies can help your business attract new customers, and if you treat them well, they’ll stay loyal to you for years to come.

Starting out as a small business isn’t easy. Unless customers search for your business by name, they will input a broader search term, such as “food near me” or “sporting goods” or “clothing,” and you will have to compete with other businesses that show up in the search results. If your business ranks too low, your business might only be found on the later pages of popular search engines like Google (or worse, your business might not show up at all). Apple Maps and Google Maps are both highly competitive when it comes to the businesses they show to viewers, and appearing in those results can be the difference between your business thriving for years or plummeting off the face of the earth. The truth is, in today’s digital climate, if you don’t exist online or on popular Map apps, you essentially don’t exist at all.

Why Should I Have Links Back To My Website?

When quality websites link to one another, their search rankings can improve tremendously. You can think of this as the two websites vouching for one another, informing search engines that the content on the two pages is relevant and that both pages should be considered when the search engine needs to decide what websites to offer a visitor who typed something in the search bar. However, this doesn’t mean you should simply slap your website’s URL in the comments of every blog you find on the Internet, and it doesn’t mean you should rush out to buy from websites that promise you website page views in return for cash. Search engines evaluate the quality of websites and will pass over “link farms” that attempt to exploit the system. In fact, linking to these low-quality websites can hurt your own rankings instead of helping!

A safe way to improve your search rankings is by linking to pages on your own website. This is known as internal linking. When you link to your own pages, you are informing search engines that the content on these pages is relevant to your business and the search terms that can lead people to find your business, and thereby boost your search rankings for those individual pages.  Not to mention, linking to your pages helps human visitors to your website navigate more easily as they consider who you are, the services you offer, and whether or not they intend to buy from you.

Search engines strive to pull up relevant information for the search terms that users type in the search bar, and this means that when someone performs a search, the search engine will evaluate the content of each page on your website. Pages that are deemed more relevant have a higher chance of being shown to users. Search engines also check for signs of plagiarism and will ignore copied web pages as much as possible. Of course, linking internally to your own web pages can only help so much if your website is of mediocre quality and rank. Your website should always offer pages full of relevant, high-quality content (and lots of it) to signal to search engines that not only is your website relevant to the search term, but it is sure to provide helpful information and answer the question the user searched for, too.

Competition is fierce in the world of SEO, and only a few websites can hold the top spots on a webpage, no matter how many quality websites are out there. A skilled SEO practice can help you determine the type of quality you should host on your website, and whether you have a low or high chance of ranking for those terms.

How To Create Linkable Content

If you’ve ever looked at the back of a cereal box in the grocery store and seen a recipe for rice krispie treats along with a call for using a very specific brand of marshmallows that are produced by the same company, linkable content is just like that, only on a larger and more digital scale. In the same way that a recipe on the back of the box might try to convince a shopper to buy a new item while they are in the grocery store (or to try a new recipe that they may fall in love with and repeatedly buy the ingredients for), your website should strive to link to relevant pages for your own products, and the more long-lasting the link, the better off you will be.

There are many different kinds of content that a quality SEO practice can help you prepare on your website. Shareable content is the type of content that floats around social media, such as the content that’s on your Facebook feed: quick, easy to interact with by liking and sharing, but probably not the type of content that you would deliberately try to search out or that you would link to if you were writing a research paper.

If you are running a business, then linkable content will be more useful to you. Linkable content is credible, authoritative content that is intended to stay on your page for a long time, providing useful and factual information about a topic. That topic could be your company, your services, or your product. Linkable content should be highly-researched: after all, the more trusted the content and the source, the more likely it is to be helpful and be shared with others. Examples of pages that are frequently linked to include news articles on hot or alarming topics (especially primary sources that contain useful interviews), or high-quality articles on timeless topics such as landmarks and historical locations in your town

Perhaps current events and historical research don’t relate to your business at all. That does not mean you can’t create quality linkable content. For example, if you run a business that sells stock pots and related kitchen supplies, then it may be worth your time to start a blog that posts one recipe a week, directly on your website. Many people prefer to search recipes online rather than referring to cookbooks or making recipes up themselves, as they can view others’ comments and often evaluate how high a recipe has been ranked by the general public. A fantastic recipe is probably one that has been well researched and has very clear instructions, which means people are more likely to share the link to the recipe with others.

Don’t be afraid to think creatively when it comes to topics you can post about on your website. Michelin stars are a ranking system used to score fine dining establishments as the best restaurants in any given city. Where did the name Michelin stars come from? The Michelin tire company promoted the idea of rating these restaurants in the hopes that by doing so, they could encourage more people to drive and eat out at new, tasty locations. The more people drive, the more wear they place on their tires, which can result in more business for the Michelin tire company (even though at face value, tires and restaurants seem to have nothing in common). 

Benefits Of Creating Linkable Content

So, why should you bother creating linkable content? Is it really so important, and is it worth taking the time? Here are some major benefits of creating linkable content that you should know:

  • Linkable content allows you to increase the organic traffic on your web pages. This tells search engines that real people are clicking on your site when it comes up as a result of their search, which means that your website is interesting and relevant to the search term they put in. This encourages the search engine to continue showing your website in the future for relevant search terms, which causes you to rank higher in the search results.
  • If you splurge money on a scheme that promises you lots of webpage visits if you pay for it, you won’t be getting organic traffic in return (and certainly won’t be seeing sales). Your money can be put to better use by investing in SEO instead.
  • Linkable content helps search engines find your site, which allows you to expose your brand to more people. People can’t buy what they don’t know about, and once someone visits a page about your product, there is a much higher chance that they will purchase it.
  • All the commonly used search engines use algorithms to determine if the pages that link to yours are high-quality, legitimate websites. If you buy from a shady service that promises to link back to yours, you could end up hurting your website and business more than you help. Search engines generally know where the shady sites are and will try to avoid showing visitors any websites that associate with them.

Best Kinds Of Linkable Content

While there are many kinds of linkable content out there, a few have shown these options to be some of the best when it comes to improving your website’s SEO.

Examples Of Linkable Content

There is great value in well-researched content, especially when it is well-written and presented on your website in a way that is easy for readers to digest.

  • Blog Posts – No matter what kind of business you run, there is always something you can say about it in the form of a blog post. Strive to produce regular content that suggests tips that can improve the lives of visitors. For example, if you run a website that sells hair care products, you can create a new blog post each week describing the best way to create the hairstyle of the week. Include a few pictures and you’re sure to build an engaged following in no time.
  • Infographics – Many times, visitors to your webpage are looking for quick information, and if they aren’t satisfied with your website, they will press the browser’s back arrow and end up on a competitor’s website instead. If your website is very text-heavy or the services you provide are very technical, adding some images can break up the content and make it more appealing to a visitor’s critical eye. Consider hiring a professional graphic artist to design elegant, easy to understand infographics that can help visitors to your website. Businesses that offer heating, electric, or insulation services can benefit greatly with a few infographics to show the common places that heat escapes your home and how insulation can prevent that from happening.
  • Quizzes – Since the dawn of the Internet, quizzes have been popular with young website visitors (and even the occasional long-time Internet user who can’t resist a quiz to learn what Disney character they resemble most). If you run a business selling toys, consider attracting children to your website with fun trivia quizzes that relate to the products you offer. Quizzes can also be aimed at adults, especially if they help someone narrow down their options for a product they are interested in buying. For example, a quiz titled “Which gaming headphones are right for you?” can increase your viewers’ engagement, encourage them to spend more time on your website, and in the end help them feel confident that they are buying a product that is just right for them.
  • Tutorials, Instructions, and Demo Videos – How-to videos are the most commonly searched video on YouTube, with the United States alone watching over 100 million hours of how-to videos per year. Even if you are convinced your services are simple to understand, you can probably think of many different kinds of how-to videos that relate to your products. For example, if you are a pet store, consider videos about how to choose the pet that’s right for you, how to set up the pet’s enclosure, how to feed your pet, how to train your pet (perhaps one video per trick you can teach), how to know when your pet is sick, how to breed your pet, how to buy your pet the best products, how to improve your pet’s quality of life, how to celebrate holidays with your pet, and so on. Even a single animal like a fish can provide you with a variety of how-to videos, ranging from how to decorate your fish tank to resemble a sunken pirate ship to how to decorate your fish tank like a scene from a famous movie. Once you start generating ideas, the possibilities are endless!
  • Podcasts – Podcasts are growing in popularity, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people enjoy learning while they work, and can listen to podcasts while driving or cooking without missing out on the visual content that a video would offer. Podcasts can help users engage with your business. If you run a travel business, consider starting a podcast where you describe historical sites in your area. A podcast would be the perfect way to share many engaging, personal stories about a historical site that can’t fit on a pamphlet or a sign. Even if people are unable to travel, they can still learn a lot by listening to your podcasts, which can increase their positive attitude towards your brand.

Congratulations! After reading this page, you are now much more knowledgeable about SEO and great web design strategies than you were before, and you can grow your business into a thriving website, no matter how small your physical location or your employee count may be. Are you ready to give your Atlanta business the recognition it deserves? Seek out an Atlanta SEO company like FluidRank to find experts who can help your website rank high in Atlanta search results. Whether you are interested in social media marketing, improving your web design, or simply learning tips on developing your company, FluidRank is here to help.